Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colebrook-White, the most accurate and simple solution!


Since the 1930's this equation has been said to be unsolvable.  Well, I have developed the most accurate solution.  Excel will do a maximum of 15 decimals, and those will be easy!
The equation is to find the value of f, when you know Rr and Re. They are the Relative Roughness and Reynolds Number.

First let's "simplify" the equation.   Let   A = 2.51 / Reynolds Number and  B = Relative Roughness / 3.7 .   So   A = 2.51/Re    and   B = Rr/3.7  Also let 1/(sqrt(f) be X.
Also f must be positive so lets write...X = Abs(2 * Log(B + A * X)).

Now lets say we computed A and B from Rr and Re and   B= Rr/3.7 = 0.0022 and 2.51/Re = 0.00001, so now…X =ABS(2*LOG( 0.0022 +  0.00001 * X ))

To find the value of X, you can guess just about any number for the X and solve the right side of the equation.  Let's say you used 1 for X, it would solve for 5.311215,  If you said X was 100, it would solve to 4.9897,  this means that X will be close to 5.  But the importance is that each step will get much, much closer.    I usually use 3 for a first estimate, but it make almost no difference.   What ever number you get for a solution, use it again until you get as many decimal places as you need.

When I use X=3, I get 5.30339.  Then I use that for X and get 5.294465. Then I use that for X and get 5.294499 and next I get the same result.  That means I have quickly got 6 decimals of accuracy.

Now to find f, it is  1 / (5.294499^2) = 0.035674   

If you go seven loops to find X, you will be averaging 15 decimal places of accuracy.  If you go twenty steps in Excel you will have at least 15 decimal places for the f value.  That is much more accurate that any of the Colebrook-White approximations.

To test you, let me give this. If Re=10,000 and Rr = 0.01 what would be f?

If you get X= 4.8153456499125  then get  f= 0.0431265847068117, then you have solved for 15 decimals places, but usually about 6 decimal places is good enough depending on what you are designing.

Email me at for several different solutions of the Colebrook-White equations.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colebrook-White Equation

In 1937 a two men named Colebrook and White published an engineering equation for pipe design. The equation was so complex that no one could do more than an approximation, but it because was accurate it became the world standard. But unfortunately today engineers have to buy complex and expensive computer programs to find the answers.

On July 4th (2011) I found a simple, easy solution, in 30 minutes. Many pipe companies are arguing now that it can not be true. Why would they say that? Well, because engineers would not have to buy their $1000 computer solutions.

Three pipe companies have now agreed with me, that engineers should know my easy solution to make designs accurate and cheaper, and easier. One company offered to buy my solution, but when they saw how easy it was, they said it would be wrong for them to sell it because a complex program is not required to solve it. I laughed and agreed with them.

The CheResource company is now helping me sharing it with the rest of the world for FREE. Eventually it will be seen that I am right, and those incorrect, but expensive programs will be lost.

Visit my engineering article here.

It works well in Excel, but the method is so simple people can derive their own processing solution or procedure.

I have given this to several private companies, but they will not publish or give it away for free because it would ruin their sales.  LOL.

Harrell Geron
Civil Engineer

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Jet - Look What You Have Done...

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Gina Stokes

Gina Stokes passed away today.(April 8, 2011).. brain dead, but still on life support, because she signed up to be a body parts donor. Her doctor said she may remain of life support for a few days to keep her body part usable.

Many of her family members are here tonight. Her father, brother and sister, and many of their kids and grandkids. We don't know when she will have her funeral, because the doctors say she may be kept on life support until her needed body parts are made available.

Well there's a change. They found her current drivers license and it says No to Donors... so the life support was turned off this morning (4-9-2011) at 9:15.

I will add more info as we find it out.

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Bill Greenway

Come and visit our son at

... Guitar Bill

And download one of his songs.

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Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul

The Yardbirds - Heart Full Of So...